Our Vision is to significantly advance the science of learning

by establishing a pipeline from basic science to scalable tools for enhanced learning, which will have measurable, substantial,
and lasting impact on the next generation of education, machine learning, artificial intelligence and health.

At UC San Diego, our National Science Foundation-funded Science of Learning Center, known as the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center or “TDLC”, has enjoyed over a decade of success. We are now positioned to be a world leader in the science of learning. Thus far, the USA, Australia, China, Latin America, and Europe are invested in creating a global science of learning. Our UC San Diego community is central to organizing this effort with support from NSF, the International Brain Research Organization, the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and UNESCO.

Without a doubt, we have considerable traction in the science of learning. We created a large Research Center with infrastructure for extensive study attracting major scientific figures of the world to work on our questions. As leaders in the global science of learning community, we have made strides towards educational change. Our investments in human capital are immense. The time is exactly right to leverage all of the effort and success of the past decade for discovery and societal change – a paradigm shift in learning.