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The Science of Learning Research Center of UC San Diego will be at the forefront of a deep understanding of learning, from the most basic building blocks of how brain networks learn, to the ways in which children learn, to understanding the role of technology and culture in shaping learning.

We will take an interdisciplinary approach to science by creating persistent research networks of collaborative scientists who are experts in:

  arrow Neuroscience arrow Cognitive Science
  arrow Psychology arrow Education
  arrow Computer Science arrow Electrical & Computer Engineering

arrow Bioengineering
arrow Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our interdisciplinary research networks will provoke and solve important theoretical questions that are neither motivated nor constrained by access to techniques; nor limited to domain knowledge. We will:

    • Build on the rich and productive basic science research of the Temporal Dynamics of Science Center that offers solutions for education and life-long learning,
    • Make more techniques available to study these questions,
    • Blend approaches to scientific thinking that create the future of the science of learning,
    • Actively partner with the ethics community giving heavy consideration to the Ethics of Emerging Technologies for the Science of Learning through workshops utilizing our leadership on the global forum.