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TDLC researchers teach science through making music, and receive continued support from the National Science Foundation

If you live in San Diego and you noticed a surge in metalophonic sounds in your neighborhood, this might be the reason: As part of TDLC's commitment to bring high quality science education to the community, cognitive scientists Victor Minces and Alexander Khalil have been working with K-12 schools to teach science through the science of music. In this program, called Listening to Waves, the students actively learn the science of waves and perception as they create electronic music and build musical instruments. Click here to read more about this program, as well as other TDLC 2017 Highlights

Gary Cottrell, Ph.D.CSE Professor Honored with Cognitive Science Society Fellowship

TDLC Director Dr. Gary Cottrell has been elected a Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society, an honor reflecting his "impact on the Cognitive Science community and... sustained record of excellence in research contributions." (7/31/17) Read more from the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Newsletter at UC San Diego (2nd story)


Dr. IversenTDLC's Dr. Iversen involved in NIH/Kennedy Center Music and Health Initiative Workshop

Dr. Iversen was one of three speakers at a National Institutes of Health (NIH) workshop held on January 26-27, 2017. He spoke about music and child development. The purpose of the workshop was to help guide the direction of a new partnership between the NIH and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to expand on an initiative that NIH has had with the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) called Sound HealthClick here to view a video of the event! Dr. Iversen was also recent interviewed on Voice of La Jolla!

Face Camp: A chance for children to explore the science of face recognition

Researchers at the University of Victoria have developed an innovative model in STEM education blending scientific research with scientific outreach. At their annual summer Face Camp, children are introduced to the psychology and neuroscience of face recognition. Conducted at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, and organized by TDLC's Dr. Jim Tanaka, Face Camp is a free, one day workshop where typically developing and special needs children learn about the "science, art, and fun" of human face recognition. Click here to read more about this and other TDLC 2017 Highlights

Drs. Sejnowski and OakleyDr. Terrence Sejnowski and Dr Barbara Oakley launch a new Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) and are writing a Learning How To Learn book for children!
Drs. Sejnowski and Oakley's extremely popular MOOC for Coursera called "Learning How to Learn," has already enrolled 1.8 million learners. As a follow-up, they launched a new course in April called "Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential." They are also writing a "Learning How to Learn" book for children ages 10-13, to be available in April 2018!

What's New

UC San Diego Part of International Team to Develop Wireless Implantable Microdevices for the Brain (7/11/17)

Institute for Neural Computation (INC) Co-Directors Drs. Terry Sejnowski and Gert Cauwenberghs are part of an international collaboration led by Brown University to develop a "wireless neural prosthetic system that could record and stimulate neural activity with unprecedented detail and precision." (Image courtesy of Brown University) More


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UVic student says his own autism inspired honours psychology research
TDLC's Dr. Jim Tanaka supervised Patrick Dwyer's research at the University of Victoria. (CBC News, 6/8/17) More


SECS professor creates world’s largest online learning course
Read this short interview with Dr. Barbara Oakley, who with TDLC's Dr. Sejnowski, created the MOOC "Learning How to Learn."
(6/6/17, The Oakland Post) More 

arrow New Brain Mapping Tool Produces Higher Resolution Data During Brain Surgery
A team of researchers from UC San Diego and Massachusetts General Hospital has developed a new device to map the brain during surgery. TDLC's Joseph Snider is one of the study authors. (UC San Diego News Center, 5/24/17) More
arrow Researchers Receive $7.5 Million Grant to Study Memory Capacity and Energy Efficiency in the Brain
TDLC's Dr. Terrence Sejnowski is part of the team (UC San Diego News Center, 5/1/17) More

Sensor-Equipped Glove Could Help Doctors Take Guesswork Out of Measuring Spasticity
An interdisciplinary team of researchers at UC San Diego and Rady Children’s Hospital has developed a sensor-equipped glove that could help doctors measure stiffness during physical exams. TDLC researcher Leanne Chukoskie is part of the team (UC San Diego News, 4/20/17) More


John Iversen Explores our Perception of Musical Rhythm
The article profiles TDLC's Dr. John Iversen's work on the neural mechanisms of rhythm perception
(3/1/17, The Scientist)

Did You Know?

Your brain generates enough electricity to power a lightbulb!

While a single neuron generates only a tiny amount of electricity, all your neurons together can generate enough electricity to power a low-wattage bulb when you are awake (about 25 Watts)! (National Geographic Kids)