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The mission of the Global Science of Learning and Education Network (GSoLEN) is to achieve maximum worldwide benefit from science-based strategies designed to meet the learning needs of our global future and to overcome poverty’s impact on learning. A key next focus will be to deeply understand the Science of Learning (SoL) and the extent to which it can be generalized, thereby developing best practices for learning, education, and policy resources that take into account for whom, at what developmental stage, under what conditions, and in what context SoL can be implemented in the world’s distinctive cultures and conditions. Grounded in an environment of trust and co-invention this Global Science of Learning Network will also be fertile ground for training the very best interdisciplinary scientists, technologists, practitioners, and policymakers to lead the innovation of SoL and education while also benefitting students in poverty.

Important Updates:

  • Futures Forum on Learning: Tools Competition (Submit a solution by September 18)
    COVID-19 has sparked a global education crisis and highlighted the need for continued innovation in how technology can support effective learning. To address this issue, Schmidt Futures and Citadel Founder and CEO Ken Griffin are working tougher to launch a competition to spurt the development of technologies that can accelerate the recovery from pandemic learning loss and advance the field of learning engineering.

    The Tools Competition invites leading innovators, emerging talent, and educators to submit their solution. Depending on the tool’s or technology’s existing infrastructure, participants are eligible for an award of up to $250,000. Participants need not have any more than a concept and excitement to advance a learning goal and learning engineering. Successful digital learning platforms are also encouraged to compete.

    The Competition has multiple phases allowing time for ideation, team-building, and project refinement. For more information, please visit the Tools Competition website or email kayla@the-learning-agency.com.