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Partnership between UC San Diego, The Neurosciences Institute, and the San Diego Youth Symphony (Fall 2011)

TDLC researcher Terry Jernigan is involved in a newly developing study to explore the impact of musical/symphonic training on cognitive and brain development in children in Chula Vista elementary schools. The study involves a new partnership between The Neurosciences Institute (represented by Aniruddh Patel and John Iversen), The San Diego Youth Symphony (led by Dalouge Smith), and UC San Diego (TDLC's Terry Jernigan at the Center for Human Development). The team is especially interested in how musical training impacts the development of language, attention, and executive function, and the brain networks that support these abilities. The researchers, who are currently looking into possible funding sources, are currently doing pilot studies in two Chula Vista elementary schools, with children primarily learning string instruments (e.g., violin). The team plans to use behavioral cognitive tests and structural brain imaging.