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Making Games with Movement

Prizes were awarded to teams that demonstrated the most effective use of motion controls, the most creative use of motion controls and the best game using motion controls.

The results of the Hackathon were impressive and created opportunities for some of the students to exhibit their work in the Fleet Science Center.

Thirty-five high school and college students participated in a "Making Games with Movement" Hackathon, held June 22-23, 2017. The students made video games that required movement as input. This event was held in conjunction with a computer science workshop that highlighted the potential of young student capabilities with early computer science educational opportunities. The workshop featured computer science education experts sharing their perspectives gleaned from years of teaching. The event ended with presentations from the thirty-five high school and college students participating in the game-based Hackathon.

Leanne Chukoskie

* The Hackathon was sponsored by Qualcomm Institute, Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, and
Learning through Movement Network.