The Gamelan Project

Gamelan childrenCollaborators: Andrea Chiba, Scott Makeig, Paula Tallal, Judy Reilly, Alex Khalil, Victor Minces, Grainne Mcloughlin

Of all the world's musical cultures, that of the Balinese--featuring a variety of orchestras known as "gamelan"--seems to value and emphasize ensemble synchronicity most highly. Skilled gamelan orchestras often feature more than 20 players playing complex interlocking melodies at very high speeds. Teaching this music for ten years as part of the
curriculum at the Museum School, an Elementary School in San Diego, ethnomusicologist Alexander Khalil became interested in the role of rhythmically synchronous activity and the development or refinement of temporal perception in children. Poor temporal perception is suspected as playing a role in a number of conditions, such as ADHD, that afflict children today. The gamelan project will explore this connection through experiments designed to allow a variety of measurements during live ensemble playing.

For more information, please see The Gamelan Project website.