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TDLC Trainees Awarded $7000 in Small Grants
In response to a call for proposals announced in October, 2008, the TDLC training committee awarded $7,000 in small grants to support trainee research and collaboration. Below is a list of awardees and funded projects:

Name: Olivia Cheung
PI: Isabel Gauthier
Institution: Vanderbilt University
Project: Overlap in processing mechanisms between faces and objects of expertise

Name: Jean M. Vettel
PI: Mike Tarr (collaboration with Tim Curran @ Colorado)
Institution: Brown University
Project: Cross-network collaboration to study the temporal and semantic factors of multimodal integration

Name: Brock Kirwan
PI: Larry Squire
Institution: UCSD
Project: The neural mechanisms of familiarity- and recollection-based memory

Name: Christopher Kanan
PI: Garrison Cottrell
Institution: UCSD
Project: Developing a robotic active vision platform

Name: David Peterson
PI: Howard Poizner
Institution: UCSD
Project: Sensorimotor sequence learning in healthy and neurologically‚Äźimpaired humans

Name: Jason J. Jones
PI: Harold E. Pashler
Institution: University of California, San Diego
Project: Computational modeling of the temporal dynamics of learning and attention

Name: Doug Yovanovich
PI: Virginia de Sa
Institution: UCSD
Project: Testing the modality specificity of timing