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Trainee Awards 2009
In response to a call for proposals announced in April, 2009, the TDLC training committee awarded $13,000 in small grants to support trainee research and collaboration. Below is a list of awardees and funded projects:

Joe Goldbeck & Toshio Miyashita
Inst: Berkeley
PI: Dan Feldman
Project: Cross-network collaboration for recording and analyzing neural representations of temporal sequences in rodent somatosensory cortex.

Leslie Roos
Insts: Brown Univerisity and University of Victoria
PIs: Jim Tanaka and Michael Tarr
Project: Studying face and object recognition at University of Victoria's Face Camp

Matthew Wisniewski
Inst: The University at Buffalo, SUNY
PI: Eduardo Mercado
Project: The effects of quantity and quality of training in learning-related shifts in generalization

Hieda Maria Sigurdardottir
Inst: Brown University
PIs: David Sheinberg and Michael Tarr
Project: Connectivity analysis workshop held at Brown University

Yetta Wong
Inst: Vanderbilt University
PI: Isabel Gauthier
Project: Left-side bias in reading musical notation

Robert Lindsey
Inst: University of Colorado at Boulder
PI: Michael Mozer
Project: Perceptual learning via attentional saliency

Yu Liao
Inst: UCSD
PIs: Gedeon Deak, Scott Makeig, Howard Poizner
Project: Examining how infants' cognitive processes and social experiences lead to new social skills

Sean Kang
Inst: UCSD
PI: Hal Pashler
Proj: The effects of spaced retrieval practice on long-term retention

Adrienne Moore
Inst: UCSD
PI: Andrea Chiba
Project: Attributes of EEG components involved in simulating the actions of others

Lara Rangel
Inst: UCSD
PI: Andrea Chiba
Project: Cross-lab collaboration to investigate the temporal dynamics of complex rhythm formation in local brain circuits