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TDLC Supplement Awards

TDLC is happy to announce the following awards granted as supplements to investigators collaborating on TDLC projects.

Sheldon, Paul
(Vanderbilt University)

Acquisition of a Data Depot for Network for Wide Area, Data Intensive
Mercado, Eduardo
(University of Buffalo)
CAA: Biometric Monitoring of Singing Humpback Whales
Santello, Marco
(Arizona State University)
Coordination of multi-digit forces during grasping
Cottrell, Gary
Understanding eye movements in Autism: Experiments
and a model. Award Date: September 8 2008 Grant No. SBE 0542013 Amendment 004
Bartlett, Marian
CRI: COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Automated facial expression measurement: toolbox and database. August 27, 2008 Grant No. CNS‐0454233 Amendment No. 003
Hollan, James
(UCSD, Cog Sci)
DHB: A Multiscale Framework for Analyzing Activity Dynamics. Award Date: September 9, 2008 Grant No. IIS‐0729013 Amendment No. 001
Lanckriet, Gert
Collaborative Research: MSPA‐MCS:Sparse Multivariate Data Analysis. Award Date: September 18, 2008 Grant No. DMS‐0625409 Amendment No. 001
Littlewort, Gwen
Advance Fellows Award: Theory and Application of Machine Perception to Understanding Human Behavior. Award Date: July 30, 2008. Grant No. CNS 0340851 Amendment No. 003
Saul, Lawrence
CAREER: Statistical Methods for Dimensionality Reduction in Machine Learning Award Date: August 18, 2008 Grant No. IIS‐0650074 Amendment No. 002