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October 2011
Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center Receives $18-Million Renewal




October 2011
National Science Foundation EFRI Award: TDLC members Scott Makeig, Howard Poizner, and Terrence Sejnowski are collaborating with project leader Gert Cauwenberghs and colleague Kenneth Kreutz-Delgado on a project aimed at creating an innovative, non-invasive approach for rehabilitation of Parkinson's disease patients. The team, all from UC San Diego, recently received an NSF EFRI award for the project, which will use a combination of EEG sensor and force feedback motor control. For more information:
> NSF news announcement
> About the NSF EFRI M3C program


Upcoming event: The third IMBES Biennial Conference
June 2–4, 2011 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA
Sponsored by: TDLC & Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, UC San Diego
Description: The conference provides a forum to explore exciting new advances in the emerging field of Mind, Brain, and Education.

Poizner Lab

Howard Poizner and Team awarded $4.5M ONR MURI Grant
Howard Poizner (PI, UCSD), and co-PI's Gary Lunch (UC Irvine) and Terry Sejnowski (Salk and UCSD), together with team leaders Hal Pashler, Sergei Gepshtein, Deborah Harrington, Tom Liu, Eric Hlagren, and Ralph Greenspan were recently awarded a $4.5M ONR MURI grant, with a $3M option period, to study the brain bases of unsupervised learning and training. (October 1, 2009)

Poizner Lab

June 2010
The Discovery Channel in Dr. Poizner’s Lab
The Discovery Channel filmed Howard Poizner and Gary Lynch in Dr. Poizner’s lab on June 12, 2010, for a series called ‘Curiosity: The Questions of Life,’ on research of the future. The segment is on memory and will air in 2011. More


"Music, Science and Medicine" NYAS Conference

There is growing interest amongst TDLC scientists in the scientific study of music. Music is intrinsically temporal, integrating sensory, motor and affective systems in the brain. As such, it is an ideal way to integrate across TDLC networks and initiatives. Two TDLC PIs (Paula Tallal and Gyorgy Buzsaki) have been involved in organizing a New York Academy of Science conference on "Music, Science and Medicine", that will be held at the NYAS on March 25th, 2011. Anyone interested in this topic is welcomed to attend. For more information on the speakers and agenda for the meeting, to register or to submit a poster please see: www.nyas.org/musicscience.


TDLC's REU Program
: TDLC is starting a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site program at UC San Diego.The purpose of the program, which is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, is to train undergraduate students in the specific research areas of TDLC, including machine learning, cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience. More


July 10, 2010 -
RUBI in The New York Times
TDLC investigator Javier Movellan is cited in The New York Times article, Students, Meet Your New Teacher, Mr. Robot. In the article, he discusses the RUBI project, which has been supported in part by the TDLC through the NSF Science of Learning Program. More...

Gary Cottrell

June 2010
In a recent article titled Reading Delays, in American School Board Journal, TDLC co-Directors Gary Cottrell and Paula Tallal discuss how time and timing impact the ability to learn to read, and how The Fast ForWord® Program can help students. Go to the article.


June 21-23,2010

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May 24, 2010
Infomax Workshop
The idea of maximizing information gain (Infomax) has appeared with different names in a wide range of fields. The workshop brought together world experts from apparently disparate fields but whose work uses information gain as a key concept. Click here to learn more about the workshop!

April 26, 2010
The Distinguished Educator Panel
, a group that will form the nucleus of The Educator Network, met for an orientation meeting on April 26, 2010. More ...

April 27, 2010
Salk scientist and TDLC Co-Director Terrence Sejnowski was elected to the National Academy of Sciences

> UCSD Press Release
> Salk Institute Press Release

April 2, 2010
An article by Terry Sejnowski and his team at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies recently appeared in the April 2, 2010 issue of the journal Science that was supported in part by the TDLC.

Terry Sejnowski and his team at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies were recently cited in the April 2, 2010 issue of the journal Science. Their research findings "hold important clues to how the brain encodes and processes information, which can be applied to a wide variety of applications, from understanding psychiatric disorders to the development of novel pharmaceuticals and new ways of handling information by computers or communication networks." More

January 2010
The Grand Challenges of Science: Robotics.
DISCOVER and the National Science Foundation

In January, DISCOVER and the National Science Foundation continued their Grand Challenges event series with a panel discussion at Carnegie Mellon University exploring the dynamic world of robotics. The panel included four eminent roboticists—Javier Movellan from University of California San Diego, Rodney Brooks from the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, William "Red" Whittaker from Carnegie Mellon University, and Robyn Murphy from Texas A&M University. More

November 2009
Yetta Wong, TDLC graduate student at Vanderbilt, member of PEN, has been awarded a competitive Dissertation Enhancement Grant of $2000 from the Vanderbilt Graduate School to visit Scott Makeig (SIN, SMN) to learn how to apply ICA to her ERP data on expert perception of musical notation.

November 5, 2009
Preuss School Teacher Selected as California’s Nominee for National Teacher of the Year
Kelly Kovacic, social studies department chair at UC San Diego’s Preuss School and a UCSD alumna, has been named as California’s nominee for the prestigious National Teacher of the Year competition.

October 2009
TDLC Trainee Eva Pastalkova, Ph.D., Receives Prestigious Award

TDLC Trainee Eva Pastalkova has been recognized by The Society for Neuroscience (SfN), who awarded her The 2009 Peter and Patricia Gruber International Research Award in Neuroscience. The award recognizes young scientists who have exhibited ongoing international collaboration based on outstanding science. More

Einstein robot

July 10. 2009
UCSD Robot Learns Human Facial Expressions. NPR interview with Dr. Marian Bartlett

April 2009
Brain Fitness For Kids - Preview for PBS Special
The public television special "New Science of Learning: Brain Fitness for Kids" features interviews with TDLC investigators April Benasich, Andrea Chiba, Javier Movellan, Terry Sejnowski, and Paula Tallal. This program aired nationwide on local PBS television stations.

Friday, March 20, 2009
The Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center recently held its annual All-Hands Meeting at the University of California, San Diego. Members and Trainees gathered to discuss the progress over the past year, as well as organize the future goals of the Center. Videos of the event are now available thanks to TDLC partner, The Science Network.

Friday, October 3, 2008
NSF recently awarded TDLC $12 Million over the next three years to build on the Center's past three years of research, outreach, and overall success!
 Saturday, June 14, 2008
18th Annual READ/San Diego Tutor Conference
Keynote speaker Paula Tallal, a world-recognized authority and leading researcher on the neurobiological basis of language, is a cognitive neuroscientist and board-certified clinical psychologist. She is a founder and co-director of the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, as well as a founder of Scientific Learning Corporation.
February 19, 2008
Brains R Us: Neuroscience and Education Town Hall
On March 3, the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center at UC San Diego and The Science Network will hold a public discussion -- to be streamed via Calit2 -- on the potential for neuroscience to help the nation's troubled educational system.
imbes January 28, 2008
TDLC Report Released

September 19, 2007
Schools Become High Tech

September 1, 2007
Kids enjoy “face time” with psychology researchers

August 5, 2007
Making Extra- and Intra-Disciplinary Collaboration Work

June 21, 2007
Vanderbilt Contributes Funding to Host Next TDLC All-Hands Meeting

June 11, 2007
Children treat nursery robot as a human

May 24, 2007
Preuss School Named Among Top 10 High Schools in Nation by Newsweek Magazine

April 20, 2007
New Interactions and New Collaborations Within TDLC

January 15, 2007
Temporal Dynamics of Learning: New Center's Inaugural Meeting Now Available in Streaming Video

January 12, 2007
Cross-fertilization of Ideas at San Diego-Based Learning Center

September 29, 2006
Science of Learning Center Comes to UC San Diego