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The TDLC Fellows Committee

The TDLC Fellows Committee provides several functions that are vital to TDLC’s initiatives and a means to communicate student concerns to TDLC leadership. The Committee is composed of one to two fellow representatives per TDLC network and one representative that helps plan and organize the annual inter-Science of Learning Center (iSLC) Conference for graduate students and postdocs. One of these representatives is also designated the committee chair and is responsible for leading the committee and communicating directly with TDLC leadership.

The representatives from each of the four networks make the needs and issues of importance in their network known to the other members of the committee, and the chair can forward this information directly to the TDLC leadership. They also function as one of the main methods for advertising TDLC opportunities to the fellows in their network, such as the TDLC Boot Camp, Small Grants for Trainees, Brains R’ Us, and the Temporal Huddle. The Committee's iSLC representative is charged with assisting a team of students from the other five SLCs in planning an annual NSF-sponsored conference for approximately 90 graduate students and postdocs. While the network representatives assist in connecting fellows across TDLC networks to each other, the iSLC representative fosters communication between TDLC and the other five SLCs.

The official members of the committee are:

Chair:  Alex Khalil (IMS)
SMN: Victor Minces
IMS: Rachel Ostrand
IMS: Jena Hales
SIN: Jeremy Karnowski
SMN: Vicente Malave
IMS: Brett Roads
SIN, IMS: Marybel R. Gonzalez 
SIN: Richard Tibbles
PEN: Panqu Wang
REU: Rachel Pendakur and Sarah Saturday
Faculty Mentor: Isabel Gauthier

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