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Tea for 3

Beginning this Fall, Tea for 3, a new, fun program to facilitate increased interaction among TDLC Trainees, will begin. Carmela Arstill, TDLC’s Diversity, Outreach & Translation Programs Manager, along with REU Trainee, Sarah Saturday, will be in charge of the logistics of the program.

The simple idea is to prompt sets of three TDLC trainees, at multiple career stages and from different labs, to meet briefly to discuss their research and career plans over coffee or tea. This would be in addition to the Trainee Dinner activities, with Tea for 3 being only 30-45 minutes long on a quarterly basis. In some cases, the sets may include trainees at different institutions, in which case the “Tea” can include a trainee utilizing something similar to Skype or GoogleTalk.

Each quarter there will be new groupings to maximize the amount of networking and introductions. We are looking forward to this fun, interactive trainee opportunity!

For more information, please contact Kate Shanks at 858-822-2902, or email her at