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2012 TDLC Boot Camp


Boot Camp is designed to provide Center fellows with training in the broad research agenda of the Center, offering background in each network's research as well as instruction in modeling and the use of the Motion Capture facility. It is a full-time, two-week program with lectures and lab training the first week, and an intensive weeklong research project the second week. All TDLC fellows (undergrads, graduate students, and postdocs) are encouraged to apply! For out of town fellows, the Center will provide your accommodations and reimburse you for meals during travel days, and your plane flight. You have the option to purchase your own airfare and to be reimbursed, or to contact Kate Shanks (kshanks@ucsd.edu) ASAP for prepaid airfare.

The Boot Camp schedule and training are demanding. During the first week, days will be filled with lectures and labs on a specific research area from each of the four Center research networks, plus a day each of computational modeling and motion capture/EEG. There will also be optional evening tutorials on various subjects, ranging from Python to Neural Networks (on demand). The second week will be devoted primarily to weeklong research projects (the results from which will be presented on the last day of Boot Camp), with lunchtime research talks from Center faculty and fellows.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily to all participants.

One final note: It is important for all fellows who participate in Boot Camp to realize that they are expected to attend every scheduled activity (except for the optional evening tutorials). A commitment by all participants to the continuity and cooperative nature of the experience is necessary for everybody to get full benefit from this program.

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