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2012 TDLC Summer Fellows Institute (SFI) - Lectures, Talks, and Tutorial Slides

SFI Welcome

Gary Cottrell, Director, TDLC: Welcome(PDF or PPT)


Interacting Memory Systems

Robert Clark: The Multiple Memory Systems of the Brain
Michael Mozer: Theories of the Spacing Effect
Andrea Chiba: Perpetual plasticity and the dentate gyrus (slides not yet available)

Akin Omigbodun
: Linear Algebra (7 mb)


Social Interaction

Deborah Forster: SIN Overview
Kaya de Barbaro:  Collecting and analyzing data for understanding the development of triadic attention
Gwen Littlewort: Methods for facial expression analysis: ELAN, CERT and FACS
Jake Whitehill: An Optimal Control Approach to Affect-sensitive Automated Teaching



Virginia de Sa: Perception and Psychophysics (slides not yet available)
Alex Simpkins: Towards methods for robotic systems capable of human-level dexterity in manipulation
and locomotion

Emo Todorov: Optimal control of movement in animals and robots

Tutorial: Cory Rieth: Python file| R file

Modeling and Analysis

Gary Cottrell: Neural Network Models (PDF or PPT)
Mike Mozer:Bayesian models
Angela Yu
: Diffusion Models of decision making and reaction time

Gary Cottrell: PCA/ICA - Matlab neural net demo
Cory Rieth: MVPA
Janet Wiles: Discursis
 Ian Greenhouse: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
Gary Cottrell: What can computational models tell us about face processing? (for pdf, click here)
Gary Cottrell: Efficient Coding: From Retina Ganglion Cells To V2 Cells (for pdf, click here)


Perceptual Expertise

Jim Tanaka: Becoming an Expert, One Day at a Time 
Tim Curran: Expertise, Millisecond by Millisecond- Download: PDF / PPT
Iris Gordon: What is perceptual expertise, anyway?