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NSF Site Visit 2014: Overview

The 2014 TDLC Site Visit occurred on June 19 and 20, 2014. The site visit was held at the Meeting Rooms on Fifteen at the Village on the UC San Diego campus.

This was an assistive site visit focusing on areas of opportunity. We highlighted a subset of the
research portfolio of our center, bringing attention to findings that emerged from group focus on
shared questions that forge links across domains and levels of analysis.

Workshop-style Presentations
The format was a series of workshop-style presentations intended to promote in-depth discussion
of featured topics, and demonstrate new questions and findings that were enabled by the center.
The presentations featured a line of research that investigates brain dynamics and sensory/motor
representation as a building block for learning, from basic rhythms in the brain through
autonomous robot tools.

TDLC investigators and students in the focus area were especially encouraged to attend. There was a small poster session to present work pertaining to the focus area. Students and postdocs who were not in the focus area did not present a poster but were encouraged to attend the Fellows meeting with NSF.

You can view the Poster List and Talk Abstracts, below:

Poster List

Talk Abstracts

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