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NSF Site Visit 2012: Overview

The 2012 TDLC Site Visit was scheduled for June 13-14, 2012. The site visit was held at the San Diego Supercomputer Building on the north side of campus.

Unlike previous years, this year the site visit was a workshop-style format featuring a series of research talks focused on one area. Therefore, attendance from all Center members was not required this year. The focus area is "general principles of learning and integration of theory and experiment." This area was formerly Initiative 4, and is now titled 'Integration" to emphasize that these themes cut across all of the initiatives. The hope was that this format would be of interest to researchers and site visitors alike. Please see the attached agenda for the list of talks.

TDLC investigators and students in the focus area, and/or with interest in computational work, were especially encouraged to attend. There was a small poster session to present work pertaining to the focus area. Students and postdocs who were not in the focus area did not present a poster but were encouraged to attend the Fellows meeting with NSF on the afternoon of
June 13.

For more information, please click on the menu to the left. Out of town attendees should review the travel information.