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NSF Site Visit 2010: Travel Reimbursement



Please read the Travel Policy here: PDF version.
The Reimbursement Form can be downloaded here.


Meals will be reimbursed up to $35 per day, max. You must provide an itemized receipt for all meals claimed (not just credit card receipts with the total). Alcohol will not be reimbursed. Breakfast and Lunch for 6/21 and 6/22 will not be reimbursed since it was provided at the event. All meals (up to the cap) will be reimbursed for 6/20 and 6/23.



Additional Information

Attendees located outside of San Diego were required to register for the Site Visit by 05/21/10. Failure to do so jeopardized your ability to obtain a hotel room. If you did not register by this date, you were required to make your own hotel arrangements and would only be compensated up to the UCSD rate of $159 per night.

All non-UCSD employees who have never received a travel reimbursement from UCSD and who will be requiring a refund for travel expenses will need to provide a Social Security Number in addition to the required registration information located on this site. Please contact Kelly Hudson (contact information below) for more information on submitting the SSN.

Any attendee that will be flying to San Diego for the event must fly on a US carrier, economy class, in order to receive compensation for the flight.

TDLC will not be reimbursing individuals for rental cars. Ground transportation is limited to $100 per person. Check the website for the current meal reimbursement rate and policy. Alcohol will not be reimbursed and original itemized receipts are required for all expenses.

For questions, comments, or concerns contact Kelly Hudson at (858) 822-5241 or at k1hudson@ucsd.edu.


Travel and Accommodations

Please click here to review the Agenda for important information about when to arrive and depart.


The official hotel for the 2010 NSF Site Visit is:

Estancia Hotel & Spa
9700 N. Torrey Pines Road

Hotel Registration Information

PIs and Advisory Board Members:
Each PI/Advisory Board Member will be reimbursed for the UCSD Rate ($159 per night plus tax) for the nights of June 20-22. If you are staying for the IMS Network meeting on June 23-24, the night of June 23 will be reimbursed by IMS.

The official Hotel for the Site Visit is the Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa, located at 9700 N. Torrey Pines Road in La Jolla, CA 92037. Please call the Estancia at (858) 550-1000 and request the UCSD rate ($159) when booking the room. Please note that TDLC will not be booking your hotel room; you will be responsible for booking your own lodging. More information about the Estancia can be found on their website at www.estancialajolla.com.

We have arranged for a block of dorm rooms in the Eleanor Roosevelt College area of UCSD, adjacent to the San Diego Super Computer building. Each is a single room and comes with a dining plan allowing you to eat in a Campus cafeteria should you choose to do so. TDLC will be paying for the rooms up front. We are unable to reimburse anyone for lodging for the Site Visit so make sure that we know you need a room. Please email k1hudson@ucsd.edu indicating that you DO or DO NOT need a dorm room for the Site Visit, and indicate the nights you need.

If you are staying for the IMS meeting on June 23-24, IMS will be reimbursing you for a one-night stay at the Estancia Hotel (the night of June 23) for the UCSD rate of $159 per night, plus tax. Please call the Estancia Directly at (858) 550-1000 and ask for the UCSD rate to make your reservation. You have the option of staying in the dorm for this night as well, please make your decision known when you reply.

Taxi Information

Yellow Cab - 619.234.6161 / driveu.com/yellow_cab.asp
Orange Cab - 619.291.3333 / orangecabsandiego.com


For directions, please click here. The directions include:

Directions to the Hotel from the San Diego Airport
Directions to the San Diego Airport from the Hotel
Driving Directions to UCSD SDSC East from the Hotel
Driving Directions to the Hotel from UCSD SDSC East
Driving Directions to UCSD SDSC East from I-5 North
 Driving Directions to UCSD SDSC East from I-5 South
 Walking Directions to UCSD SDSC East from the Hotel
Walking Directions to UCSD SDSC East from the Dorms