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NSF Site Visit 2010: Overview

The 2010 TDLC Site Visit occurred Monday-Wednesday, June 21-23, 2010. The site visit was held at the San Diego Supercomputer Building on the north side of campus.

This was an important meeting for the Center, as it will determine whether we are funded for the next five years and we welcomed your participation.

Each out of town network PI was asked to invite one trainee from his/her lab to attend and present a poster. PIs: Please invite trainees who have a history with TDLC. Local trainees are also requested to present a poster (more details to follow).

Attendees located outside of San Diego: Failure to register by the deadline jeopardized participants' to obtain a hotel room. If you did not register by this date, you were rquired to make your own hotel arrangements and were only compensated up to the UCSD rate.

Note: Please click here for staff assignment list