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2015 TDLC Boot Camp Travel and Accommodations



ALL TRAINEES: Please bring your laptops as you will need them for the lectures/labs/tutorials. Open Source software will be used to conduct many of the tutorials/labs.

Out of Town Trainees: We have extended housing accommodations to INCLUDE Saturday Night 8/22, checking out on Sunday 8/23! If you made extra day accommodations with Kate, she will adjust them accordingly to allow for the extra day on campus vs. a hotel on the 22nd. Your housing is in Latin America Hall, a residence hall which is a difference layout than apartments.

Check in on Sunday, August 9 from 3PM – 7PM; Check out on SUNDAY, August 23 from 7AM - 10AM
Latin America Hall is located at: ERC Student Activities Center
Address: 10001 North Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, CA 92093
Map Location; Phone: 858.534.1142

To send mail to this location, please include:
Name of Conferee/Guest
Name of Conference (if applicable)
ERC Conference Desk
9450 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92092-0100

All Breakfasts/Lunches are provided for everyone by Boot Camp and are held in the outdoor patio of the seminar room, CogSci 003. Dinners are provided for out of town participants (only) at the Café. ADDITIONAL meals provided for Out of Town participants, including dinners, will be at Café Ventanas at the Residence Hall if you miss a meal and/or want to stay in for dinners. You will only be reimbursed for the following meals:
Travel to conference: Total of $30 for breakfast and lunch depending on your departure time.
Travel from conference: Total of $30 for breakfast and lunch, depending on the time of your travel.
Alcohol will not be reimbursed.

If you are traveling from out of town, please note the following information:

  • You should fly on an American carrier, economy class. You may purchase your own airfare and be reimbursed, or contact Kate Shanks (kshanks@ucsd.edu) if you are unable to do so.
  • Arrival: 8/9 Sunday before 7PM as check in at the Residence halls is from 3PM-7PM.
  • Departure: Saturday 8/22 AFTER 1PM
  • Please book your flight using the cheapest avenue. Keep your receipts and submit them for reimbursement.

International Travelers
UCSD travel policy dictates that you must obtain an I-94 form from local customs before traveling to San Diego and must leave this form with TDLC staff before you depart.

Ground Transportation
You will be reimbursed up to $100 for ground transportation to and from your local airport and to and from the San Diego airport, for a maximum ground transportation allowance of $200. Taxi charges should not exceed $50 each way between the airport and hotel.


Parking permits can be purchased on-line prior to your arrival to campus or at any of the Conference Desk locations using the complimentary computer kiosks. Please visit: transportation.ucsd.edu to purchase your permit. If needed, we can guide you through the Guest Account process for purchasing a permit.

Permits can also be purchased at the Parking Office located in the Gilman Parking Structure or at one of the kiosks located in the parking lots ($16/day). No refunds will be issued for any unused permits regardless of cause. Permits are required Monday through Friday. For additional assistance with parking permits, please visit your Conference Desk.

UCSD visitors must purchase and display a parking permit on weekdays, $16 daily. Parking is free on weekends. Please note we will not reimburse for parking citations or parking fees at the hotel. A properly dated 1 day permit lets you park until 11pm in "B" and "S" spaces only (S = look for painted yellow squares with a black S on the ground, and B = look for painted green squares with a white B on the ground).

Parking spaces are located at:

The Pangea Parking Structure: Use “B” & “S” spaces only
· NOTE: Pangea will have limited parking available on Friday. Permit machine is on the top level.
Walking directions from Pangea to the venue: https://goo.gl/maps/iOMqW.

The Hopkins Parking Structure: Use “B” & “S” spaces only. Permits are available at kiosks on each level. Walking directions from Hopkins to the venue: https://goo.gl/maps/Pwhlv.

Parking Lot 351: Use "B" & "S" spaces only. Permits are available at kiosks on each level.

Parking Lot 357: Use "B" & "S" spaces only. Permits are available at kiosks on each level.

Click here to view a map listing all four lots.

TDLC Travel Expense Reimbursement Request Form

To download the TDLC Travel Expense Reimbursement Request Form, please click here Please submit this form to Kate Shanks at kshanks@ucsd.edu or (858) 822-2902. In order to receive a reimbursement, you must submit your original ITEMIZED receipts for every purchase - credit card receipts will not be accepted.


Things To Do in San Diego!

Click here to view a Visitor's Guide to activities in San Diego.
For anyone interested in working out, click here for UC San Diego Recreation information.

Other Items
Other miscellaneous items not listed here will be reimbursed at the discretion of the TDLC Executive Committee. Exceptions to the above policy must be requested BEFORE the meeting begins.

For questions, comments, or concerns please contact Kate Shanks at (858) 822-2902 or kshanks@ucsd.edu