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2009 Trainee Boot Camp - Schedule

WEEK 1 (Aug. 10-15) instruction and lab sessions will take place in the Computer Science and Engineering Building (EBU3B), room 4140, UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE BELOW
 WEEK 2 (Aug. 17-22) talks will take place in the Computer Science and Engineering Building (EBU3B), room 1202 (Driving Directions)
Breakfast: Daily, 8:30-9:00(Aug. 10-15 in CSE 4140; Aug. 17-22 in CSE 1202) (Driving Directions)

Lunch: 12:15-1:15 (Location: "Stone Bear" Courtyard between CSE Building, Atkinson Hall (CalIT2), and Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE BELOW)

During the lunches, trainees will give a brief presentation of their research interests (schedule here)



Morning Session:
9:00 - 12:15

Afternoon/Evening Session:
1:30 - 5:30 (w/ possible evening tutorial)

Mon, Aug 10 
CSE 4140

Gary Cottrell, Director, TDLC


Interacting Memory Systems
Sean Kang: Psychological studies of memory and learning (slides)

Robert Clark: An Animal Model of Human Amnesia (slides)


Replication of Studies on Memory and Learning: Spacing and Testing Effects
Experiment Files
Experiment Results
(Michael C. Mozer and Sean Kang)
TA: Robert Lindsey 

 Evening Tutorial (7:00-8:30)
Room 4140 
Linear Algebra (slides)

Matt Tong

Tue, Aug 11 
CSE 4140

Motion Capture

(all day mixture of lectures and hands-on labs)

*VENUE*: Instruction and Labs for this day will be in SDSC B234E (Directions)
 Breakfast and Lunch will be served just outside of the lab

Motion Capture/Brain dynamics
Howard Poizner & David Peterson:
Motion Capture technology (optical and electromagnetic)
Multi-modal virtual reality technology for perturbing sensori-motor mapping
EEG, and EEG simultaneous with motion capture


Evening Tutorial (7:00-8:30)
Room 4140 
Matlab (tutorial)
Honghao Shan 

Wed, Aug 12 
CSE 4140


Social Interaction

9:00-9:45 - Javier Movellan
: Introduction to the Social Interaction Network.  Learning from Social Robots in Real Classrooms. (slides)
9:45-10:15 - Paul Ruvolo: Temporal Dynamics of Social Behavior: A TDLC Collaboration.
10:15-10:30 - BREAK 
10:30-11:30 - Gwen Littlewort: Introduction to the Facial Action Coding System and Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox (slides)
11:30-12:00 - Jake Whitehill: Optimal Teaching  (slides)

 Teaching "Einstein" to Coach Effectively
 (Venue: Machine Perception Laboratory -- 6th floor, CalIT2 - Atkinson Hall) 

Evening Tutorial (7:00-8:30)
Room 4140 
Neural Networks
Gary Cottrell 
(no slides)

Thurs, Aug 13 
CSE 4140


Computational Modeling
9:00-10:00 Matt Tong & Honghao Shan: PCA: Eigenfaces, Perceptrons, Backprop, and Identity/Emotion/Gender Recognition from Faces
10:00-12:15 Paul Ruvolo & Tingfan Wu: SVM's and (time permitting) Boosting (slides)
12:15-1:30 LUNCH 
1:30-3:30 Tony Bell: Information Theory, Maximum Likelihood Density Estimation and ICA
3:30-4:00 LAB: ICA Learning of Simple and Complex Cells and Topographic Maps
4:00-4:15 BREAK
4:15-5:15 Patrick Gallagher and Vicente Malave: Linear and Nonlinear Regression 

Fri, Aug 14 
CSE 4140


Sensory Motor

Dan Feldman
: STDP Rules in cortex
(tutorial handout)

Emo Todorov: Motor Control (no slides)


Brain-Computer Interfaces
TA: Priya Velu

Adapting to Life Behind Bars (the Psychophysics of Contingent Adaptation)
Alan Robinson 

Evening Tutorial (7:00-8:30)
Room 4140 
Scientific Programming in Python

Eric Christiansen

Sat, Aug 15 
CSE 4140


Perceptual Expertise
The Time Scale of Perceptual Expertise 
Jim Tanaka: Becoming an Expert, One Day at a Time 
Tim Curran: Expertise, Millisecond by Millisecond 
Mayu Nishimura: The Ontogeny of Expertise, Year by Year

The Measurement of Expertise

Perceptual Matching Task
Category Verification Task
Features Versus Configuration in Perception
TA: Mayu Nishimura

Sun, Aug 16




Morning Session (CSE 1202):

Afternoon/Evening Session:

Mon, Aug 17 
CSE 1202


- Talks -

9:00 - Tim Curran

The Neural Correlates of Perceptual Expertise 

10:00 - Jim Tanaka
Training Face Expertise in Autism 

(15 min. break)

11:15 - Kamran Diba

Spacial Memory in the Rat Hippocampus

Week-Long Project

Tue, Aug 18
CSE 1202


- Talks -

9:00 - Gary Cottrell

Computational Models of Visual Expertise

10:00 - Gedeon Deak
Social behavior, social learning and communication in human infants  

(15 min. break)

11:15 - Michael Mozer

Optimizing Human Learning with Memory Models 

Week-Long Project

Wed, Aug 19
CSE 1202


- Talks -

9:00 -10:00 - David Peterson

What Movement Disorders Tell Us About Reinforcement Learning

 10:00 - 10:30 - Joe Snider
Optimal Search for a Single Hidden Target 

10:30 - 11:00 - Dongpyo Lee
Patterns of Eye-Hand Coupling in Reaching to Remembered 3D Targets 

(15 min. break)

11:15-11:45 - Howard Poizner
Sensorimotor Integration in Parkinson's Disease

11:45-12:15 - Klaus Gramann

Mobile Brain/Body Imaging - Cognition on the Run

Week-Long Project

Thu, Aug 20
CSE 1202


- Talks -

9:00 - Judy Reilly

Gradients of Plasticity 

10:00 - Mohan Trivedi
Temporal Dynamics and Holistic Sensing for Driver Intent Prediction
YouTube Links:

 Overview of LISA
Dynamic Active Displays

(15 min. break)

11:15 - Andrea Chiba

Relevance Signals in the Brain 

Week-Long Project

Fri, Aug 21
CSE 1202


- Talks -

9:00 - Gary Cottrell

SUN: A Model of Visual Salience Using Natural Statistics (slides)

10:00 - Terry Sejnowski
Foundations for a New Science of Learning 

(15 min. break)

11:15 - Honghao Shan

Hierarchical Modeling of Human Visual Processing 

Week-Long Project

Sat, Aug 22
CSE 1202 


Week-Long Project Presentations 
CSE 1202
9:00 AM - 12:15
Lunch Follows

At Gary's House

7:00 PM