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2009 Trainee Boot Camp - Lectures, Talks, and Tutorial Slides

Monday, August 10

Welcome (Gary Cottrell, Director, TDLC) 

Testing and Spacing: Keys to Enhancing Learning and Retention (Sean Kang)

An Animal Model of Human Amnesia (Robert Clark)

Lab: Replication of Studies on Memory and Learning: Spacing and Testing Effects -
Experiment Files / Experiment Results (Michael C. Mozer and Sean Kang)

Linear Algebra (Tim Marks)


Tuesday, August 11

Matlab (Tim Marks)


Wednesday, August 12

Developing Social Robots (Javier Movellan)

Introduction to the Facial Action Coding System and Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox (Gwen Littlewort)

Optimal Teaching (Jake Whitehill)


Thursday, August 13

Practical Guide to Support Vector Machines (Tingfan Wu, MPLAB, UCSD)


Friday, August 14

STDP Rules in Cortex (Dan Feldman) 

Processing and Plasticity in Rodent Somatosensory Cortex (Dan Feldman)

Scientific Programming in Python (Eric Christiansen)


Monday, August 17

Spatial Memory in the Rat Hippocampus (Kamran Diba)


Tuesday, Aug 18

Computational Models of Visual Expertise (Gary Cottrell)


Thursday, August 20


Temporal Dynamics and Holistic Sensing for Driver Intent Prediction (Mohan Trivedi)
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Friday, Aug 21

SUN: A Model of Visual Salience Using Natural Statistics  (Gary Cottrell)