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TDLC All-Hands Meeting 2010


Sensory Motor Network

April Benasich
"Developmental changes in brain temporal dynamics from 6 to 48 months, as measured by long-latency auditory evoked potentials and resting EEG"

Ben Huh
"Optimal Motor Control without Horizon"

Mu-Ming Poo
"Neural Mechanisms for Coding Time Interval"

Perceptual Expertise Network

David Sheinberg
"Time scales and recognition dynamics: Physiology and behavior"

Isabel Gauthier
"How we learn about objects matters for their representation in the ventral pathway"

Mike Tarr
"Decoding the representation of faces in ventral cortex"

Marlene Behrman
"Neural circuits not cognitive centers: Face recognition is mediated by a distributed network"

Luke Barrington
"Machines that Understand Music"

Interacting Memory Systems

Andrea Chiba
"Time, Context, Reward and the Dentate Gyrus"

Eva Pastalkova
"Changing the pace of the hippocampal theta oscillation: Is theta the master clock?"

Brad Aimone
"Effect of Adult Neurogenesis on Dentate Gyrus Network Dynamics"

Social Interaction Network

Marian Bartlett
"Automated facial expression recognition for translational learning systems"

Judy Reilly
"Multimodal Communication: The Temporal Integration of Language and Expression"