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The Distinguished Educator Advisory Panel Meeting of June 5, 2010

Distinguished Educator Advisory Panel meetingThe Distinguished Educator Advisory Panel met on June 5 to hear two of our scientists explain their work and how it translates to education. Paula Tallal spoke on literacy and timing. Javier Movellan discussed machine learning and how robots are being programmed to give realistic feedback to students. Also in response to a discussion on rewards in learning, Andrea Chiba gave a quick review of neuroanatomy and the brain's reward system. The session was well attended and some portions were video taped for future discussions.

The Panel will meet on September 18, 2010 to hear Hal Pashler discuss the practice guide he coauthored for the Department of Education, “Organizing Instruction to Improve Study and Learning.” Of interest to the panel were the ratings that were given to the various organizing techniques. They would also like to learn about the most effective organizing/learning structures for different learning situations. Additionally, Hal Pashler has invited members of the group to be research collaborators for a study he will be doing on how retrieval practice—i.e., practice with retrieving relevant information from memory—can be used to augment learning and retention of the material.

Distinguished Educator Advisory Panel meetingIn other news, the International Mind Brain Education Society will meet in San Diego June 2-4 at the Catamaran Hotel. TDLC will host a symposium for the event. The goal of IMBES is to bring together and foster “relations between neuroscience, genetics, cognitive science, development, and education so that each field benefits from and influences work in the others, including questions asked, phenomena addressed, and methods employed.” The society sponsors conferences, publishes a journal and looks at ways to translate research into practice. Doris Alvarez , Garrison Cottrell and Paula Tallal are on the planning committee.

Distinguished Educator Advisory Panel meeting Distinguished Educator Advisory Panel meeting