Myths About the Brain

The brain is one of the most incredible organs in the human body. It controls most of the functions in our body and is comprised of around 100 billion neurons! It sends out electrical and chemical signals through nerve cells, to tell different parts of our body what to do. It also receives signals from our body, telling us what is going on around us, controlling how we react to it, and letting us think about what is happening.

The brain is so complex, that even after thousands of years of studying it, there are many areas that remain a mystery. Because of this deep mystery, brain myths have proliferated through the years. People try to simplify information about how the brain works so that we can understand it better – and myths are born. Here are a few of the most wide-spread myths and why they are misleading:

You Only Use 10 Percent of Your Brain
Listening to Mozart and Other Classical Music Makes You Smarter
The Human Brain Is the Biggest Brain
We Learn Best by Subliminal Techniques
Some People are Left-Brained, Some People are Right-Brained
Brain Injury Is Always Permanent
Your Brain Is Gray