Busy Year for The Educator Network!


It has been a busy and productive year for The Educator Network. The Distinguished Educator Advisory Panel has continued its ongoing joint meetings with the TDLC scientists and the website membership is growing steadily with over 150 scientists, educators and community as members.


  • In March we sponsored a Brain Awareness Event with over 70 students, parents and educators in attendance. The Distinguished Educator Panel invited colleagues and parents from their respective schools, which made up the bulk of attendance. Also in attendance though were UCSD students interested in cognitive science. Attendees heard from Alex Khalil on the content and progress on the Gamelan Project, saw a demonstration of the Motion Capture laboratory, were given a tour of the MPLAB, participated in a discussion by a DEAP educator on neuroscience research in the classroom, were given a demonstration of the PATH To Reading and Fast ForWord programs by RAs from Gary Cottrell's IES–funded project in local schools, were given a hands-on neuroanatomy presentation by Victor Minces and received outreach materials from the Dana Foundation for information about the brain. Andrea Chiba gave the keynote speech on motivation and energized the group for the presentations that followed.

  • The Distinguished Educator Panel meetings have included discussions of bridging neuroscience and education using a protocol commonly used in education for discussion of articles. We have also heard from TDLC researchers on their current research findings. Gwen Littlewort presented Facial Recognition in Children and Ben Lacar presented on common Neuromyths.

  • At our latest meeting in May, our Distinguished Educator Panel held a Consultancy Protocol with Javier Movellan. Dr. Movellan presented a potential research project for translation to the classroom and in a structured format received input from the educators on ideas for implementation and potential areas for change. It was an extremely productive session for all involved.

  • Due to the success of the Distinguished Educator Panel and a natural progression to expanding the educator network, we will begin our next Distinguished Educator Panel in Colorado in August 2012 to coordinate with the TDLC site at the University of Colorado. We hope to expand to Rutgers, Vanderbilt, University of California Berkeley or University of Victoria in 2013 and 2014. Together with San Diego Distinguished Educator Advisory group, the composite group will be known as The TDLC National Faculty.