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Videos: TDLC All Hands Meeting 2013 (Feb. 8-9, 2013)


Opening Remarks by Gary Cottrell

The Neural Dynamics of Movement Generation
KEYNOTE: Mark Churchland
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and co-director of the Grossman Center for the Statistics of Mind at
Columbia University

Motor learning gone awry: from STDP to neurology
Dave Peterson, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Salk Institute:

Hand and Mind: Applications of Conformal Geometry to the Temporal Dynamics of Reach and Grasp
Bernie Till, professor at the University of Victoria


Structured Discussion: Integrating models and movement
Moderated by Emo Todorov, University of Washington


The Temporal Dynamics of Emotion's Impact on Learning
John Herrington, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


aMEG studies of the temporal dynamics of cortical auditory processing
Tim Brown, Associate Research Scientist in UCSD's Department of Neurosciences


Deconstructing episodic memory
Eva Pastalkova, HHMI


The narrow bridge ahead: How early learning enhances and constrains perceptual development
Lisa Scott, Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst



Education Keynote: Temporal dynamics of learning in language and literacy
Bruce McCandliss, Sackler Scholar and Professor of Psychology and Human Development at
Vanderbilt University