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The Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center is organized as a network of networks to focus on four major aspects of learning: sensori-motor learning; interactive memory systems; perceptual expertise; and social interaction systems related to learning (see organizational chart below). Each network is composed of multiple principal investigators, often from different institutions. In addition, there are cross-cutting resources available to researchers in all the networks: brain dynamics, data sharing and motion capture facilities, and an education and outreach center. The cross-cutting resources will be developed by TLDC and will subsequently be made available to the larger research and educational community.

TDLC Management Organizational Chart

TDLC also has launched "integration initiatives" that will aid the development of the temporal dynamics of learning as a science. Those initiatives include the development of technologies for the science of learning, integration of research and education, diversity, and implementing, documenting, disseminating and evaluating the network of networks paradigm for scientific inquiry.